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The importance of monitoring building timelines

Recent BCIPA case underlines the need to remain aware of contract terms

MDL is currently working on behalf of a large pool contractor who subcontracted to a large Queensland-based building company. 


QBCC decision on rectification works causes complications

Recent case reveals the need for timely action

A recent decision by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) is of potential interest to builders, developers, sub-contractors – and homeowners. 


Can I stop my husband seeing the kids?

During a separation or divorce, it’s understandable that both parties can become fixated on past grievances. In some cases, these issues can play out in custody battles.


Recognition for one of MDL’s finest

Eugene McAuley shortlisted for prestigious Lawyers Weekly “30 Under 30” award

We’re proud to announce that McCarthy Durie Lawyers’ own Eugene McAuley has been shortlisted as a finalist in Commercial Law Category at the 2017 “30 Under 30” awards.


Separation and de facto property orders

An interesting case regarding de facto relationships

A recent case involving a same-sex couple who had been living de facto for 27 years will be of interest to anyone coming out of a de facto relationship.


3 things you need to know about superannuation splitting

If you're going through a relationship breakdown, or you’re considering your options for separation, you’ll no doubt have many questions about how your assets will be split between you and your former partner.


4 things to ask your lawyer before making them your executor

An essential step in creating a will is appointing an executor for your estate. It’s an important consideration, because your executor will be entrusted with making decisions about how your estate is managed, in the event that you pass away.


5 things to know about asset splitting after a separation

Asset splitting after separation can be a difficult and stressful process. But when you understand your options, as well as some important legal requirements, you can help to make the process go much more smoothly. 


What Queensland’s New Domestic and Family Violence Laws mean for you

Proving family violence in court is notoriously difficult, due to the domestic and isolated nature of the offence.


Options for your home after separation

What you can do if your ex's partner is living in your former home

When your relationship ends, one of the hardest things to deal with is seeing your partner move on to a new relationship, especially if they are still living in what was your house.